Lucas Plaza image

Title: Lucas Plaza Statue

Description: Oakdale artist Betty Saletta created the statue of two teenagers on the fender of a ’57 Chevy. The statue celebrates the career of George Lucas, his film American Graffiti, and Modesto’s heritage of cruising. The statue and plaza were dedicated July 11, 1997. It stands at Five Points, the intersection of McHenry Avenue, Needham Street, 17th Street, J Street, and Downey Avenue.

Creator/Provenance: Elizabeth Cardenas for the Stanislaus Memory Project

Date of Creation: 2016-04-06

Object Type: image

Keywords: Modesto, cruising, graffiti

Size of original: 2.45 MB (2784 x 1856)

Format: JPEG

Resource Identifier: G10

Digital Collection: Graffiti

Digital Project Title: Stanislaus Memory Project

Publisher: Stanislaus County Library