Burge's drive-in - small

Title: Burge's Drive-in - small

Description: Burge’s Drive In was an example of the circular Streamline Moderne-style drive ins originally designed by Wayne McAllister for the Simon’s Drive In chain in Southern California. The round shape was very functional: it allowed cars to easily pull up to the drive in, as well as be seen by the staff for quick service. The neon lighting acted as a nighttime beacon to drivers.

Creator/Provenance: from the McHenry Museum

Date of Creation: unknown

Object Type: image

Keywords: Modesto, drive-ins, night

Size of original: 7.5 L x 5 H inches

Format: JPEG

Resource Identifier: G02

Digital Collection: Graffiti

Digital Project Title: Stanislaus Memory Project

Publisher: Stanislaus County Library