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Library Virtual Escape Rooms

Welcome to Stanislaus County Library’s Virtual Escape Page. Below you will find links to Virtual Escape Rooms created by library staff. We plan to add games monthly. In an Escape Room (also known as a Panic or Breakout Room), you are invited to discover clues and solve puzzles to achieve a certain goal. Virtual Escape Rooms are nice because you can either work alone or with a group, but you are not timed.

Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. If you are using a social media app to access this game, we recommend that you copy the link and open it in a browser. You may lose progress, or exit the game completely, if you are playing within an app.
  2. If you find you want to go back to a prior screen, use the back button on the form, not on your browser.
  3. We use two kinds of models for escape rooms: linear and nonlinear. In a linear escape room, you must solve one puzzle before you are allowed to go on to the next one. The escape room is usually in the form of a story, and you progress through the story by clicking on a button that is usually labeled ‘next’ or ‘continue.’ In a nonlinear escape room, you have access to all the puzzles at one time and can solve them in any order before you click on the ‘submit’ button. In this type of escape, there is a list of puzzle locks you need to open on one side of the screen and a picture on the other side of the screen. You find the puzzles by clicking on various parts of the picture.
  4. With linear escapes, you cannot save the room, so you may want a piece of paper and pencil to keep track of your answers.
  5. Don’t be afraid of a wrong answer! You will either get a hint, find a red herring (a false clue), or encouragement to try again. Sometimes with multiple choice responses, a wrong answer just sends you back to the same page.
  6. The puzzles themselves come in a variety of formats: a coded message, a hidden object, a picture with objects to count and put in order, or a jigsaw puzzle are just a few examples. Read everything; the clue may be hidden in the text or it may be a link that takes you to another site to watch a video or read an article.

Good luck!

Bookcase filled with books, a bear, a laptop, a trophy and a cell phone with the words Stanislaus County Library across the top.

Library Escape Room

Have fun with this library themed digital escape room, created by library staff as part of our Summer Reading Challenge Kickoff. Find the clues hidden in the bookshelf image.

Always Winter a Narnia themed escape room with a blue background and snowflakes at the top.

Narnia Escape Room

Enjoy this Narnia themed escape room. It’s winter in Narnia, all because of Jadis the white witch and her wand. Can you stop Jadis by finding and taking her wand.