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How to Use Zinio

Getting Started
Returning Users
Zinio Apps
FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
Magazine titles available

Getting Started

What is Zinio?
Zinio is an online magazine collection that the library subscribes to for the reading and browsing enjoyment of our customers. Currently the library offers 51 magazines that can be read on computers and mobile devices. You can check out as many magazines as you like and keep them as long as you wish. Personal subscriptions to magazine titles the library does not own are available through your zinio.com account.

To use Zinio, you need two accounts:

  • Library Collection Account - allows you to see which magazines the library has subscribed to. This is where you select magazines to check out. The magazines you select are added to your zinio.com account.
  • Zinio.com Account - is for reading the magazines you have checked out. If you already have a Zinio account, you may use that account for your Library Collection. Just remember that you must use the same email address and password for both accounts.

Tips when creating accounts

  • During the checkout process you will be prompted to create the accounts.
  • Both accounts must use the same email address and password.
  • You never need to return checked out magazines, and they do not expire.
  • When new issues are published, they will be available for checkout from the Library's Magazine Collection.
  • When creating the Zinio account there is a check box next to the option to receive email notices and special offers from Zinio. You must uncheck the box if you prefer not to receive those notices.

Start browsing Zinio.com now

Returning Users

To read previously selected magazines:

  • Sign in to your Zinio.com account.
  • If using the Zinio.com website, click Your Library to see your magazines.
  • If using the Zinio app, select Read

To get new issues or select new magazines:

  • Go to the Library's Magazine Collection.
  • Checkout new titles.
  • After checking out a magazine, you will be prompted to log in to your Zinio.com account if not already logged in.
  • Once logged in, click the magazine to begin reading.

Zinio Reader & Apps

Desktop/Laptop Users
Most magazines you wish to view will automatically load in your browser. Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Google Chrome,  or  Mozilla Firefox are required to view the site, as is Adobe Flash. Some magazines require the free Zinio Reader 4 Viewer. The viewer is also needed for offline reading. Download now

Mobile/Smartphone Users -  Download the Zinio app

Once eMagazines have been checked out through a browser, download and install the appropriate app to read on your device.

* Smartphone and mobile device users are advised to log out completely when not using Zinio to conserve the battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out if a magazine has a new issue?
Check the Library's Magazine Collection for new issues.

How do I remove titles from my account? Can I get them back if desired?
Use the Edit button to remove or restore titles. Any title you remove may be restored at a future time.

Can I read magazines offline or must I be connected to the Internet?
After downloading a magazine, it may be read offline by using the Zinio app (mobile devices) or the Zinio Reader Viewer (desktop/laptop).

How much space will a downloaded magazine take on my device?
The typical magazine is 30-50 MB. Interactive magazines are 50-100 MB.

I see magazines in my Zinio.com account that I did not select. Why are they there?
From time to time, Zinio may add magazine samples to your account. If desired, you can delete them by using the Edit button and selecting Remove.

I don't see a magazine available in either the Library's Magazine Collection or from Zinio.com. Why not?
Some magazine publishers do not allow Zinio to offer their titles for sale or do not allow libraries to make these available through Zinio. Each publisher has their own set of rules about this and they themselves control availability.

I'm getting email from Zinio.com that I don't want. What can I do?
You may opt-out of Zinio.com email communications. Log in to Zinio.com and go to account settings. Select Preferences and un-check Let Zinio decide and anything else you don't want to receive. Click Save changes. If you are also using the Zinio mobile app, you must update preferences in the app as well.


Trouble logging in to your Library Magazine account using Safari on Apple devices
This is a known issue that Zinio is working to resolve. In the meantime, clear the cache on your device periodically or access your Library Magazine account through another browser on your device, such as Chrome. Look for alternate browsers in the App Store.
To clear the Safari browser history and cache, go to Settings and select Safari from the list. On the right hand side of the page, click on Clear History and then click Clear. Also click on Clear Cookies and Data and then click clear.

Adobe Flash
Some magazines require Adobe Flash and cannot be read on iPads.

Kindle Fire
The Zinio app is not available through the Amazon Appstore. You must follow the instructions here.

Nook HD & Nook Color
For Nook HD, the Zinio app is available through Google Play. It is not available for the Nook Color at this time. However, you may be able to access Zinio on a Nook Color through a browser that supports Adoble Flash. Your ability to use the Zinio app in the future with Nook Color will depend on Barnes & Noble adding the Zinio app to the "Nook Apps" store.

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Revised: July 14, 2014
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