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The library’s mission, to foster the love of reading and open the door to knowledge goes beyond the physical boundaries of the library buildings. Home Delivery Services opens the door for those who are unable to visit the library.

"For someone who is isolated, unable to get out in the world, this program can be a tremendous gift," said Marianne Gallmeyer, reference librarian. "Being able to read and keep one’s mind active gives a person quality of life and independence."

With the help of dedicated volunteers, the Stanislaus County Library’s Home Delivery Service provides books (including large print), books on tape and magazines for more than 200 Stanislaus County residents who cannot come to the library due to advanced age or disabling illness.

Volunteers find the experience rewarding and fun.

"The best thing about this program is to be able to meet such interesting people I wouldn't normally

get to meet and to be welcomed into their homes," said volunteer, Deborah Thrasher, an employee at the Stanislaus County Chief Executive Office. "The three ladies I’m working with are wonderful. It’s been a joy to get to know them."

People throughout the county, in private homes, as well as in assisted-living facilities, are in need of this service. Although volunteers are asked to make a commitment of at least six months to ensure continuity, the time commitment can be minimal.

Thrasher often visits the library on her lunch hour to select, deliver or return books. Others find time in the evening or days off work. Many Home Delivery Service volunteers are retired.

Individuals needing this service and anyone interested in becoming a Home Delivery Service volunteer should call 558-7817.


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read/succeed @ your library               

The Stanislaus County Library’s Read/Succeed adult literacy program, which provides one-on-one and small group tutoring in reading and writing, served 116 learners in the past year. But more importantly, Read/Succeed is making positive changes in peoples’ lives.

"Her confidence level has been an awesome manifestation of her accomplishments," described tutor Ann Munroe of her student, Alicia.

In just five months of working together, Munroe observed marked improvement in Alicia’s technical writing skills, use of correct grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. Keeping a daily journal, she progressed from writing a single sentence to entire paragraphs about daily experiences at home. Alicia uses the library regularly now and with her improved reading and comprehension skills, she’s explored hobbies like crocheting and is even earning money by selling crocheted items.

With all that she’s gained, Alicia is giving back too. She encourages her friends to seek help through Read/Succeed or other programs. She has volunteered at the library. Now, she’s studying to become a U.S. citizen.

"Alicia is a highly motivated, hard-working and conscientious person," said Munroe. "Her participation in Read/Succeed has helped increase her confidence in herself and her abilities. I am delighted to know her and I know she will accomplish anything she sets her mind to doing."

The Read/Succeed program was established in 1996, through a five-year California State Library grant. The program has grown to include family literacy and will begin providing literacy services in West Modesto when the West Modesto Clinic and Office Building opens next spring.

As this program has evolved, it became apparent that a partnership between the library’s Read/Succeed program and the Stanislaus Literacy Center, a non-profit organization, was a logical next step. Together, we’re coordinating the recruitment, training and matching of volunteers, as well as seeking funds to support literacy services for Stanislaus County residents.

To learn more about becoming a literacy student or tutor, call 558-4505.

Tutors in the Read/Succeed report the practical application of improved the program is helping people succeed in everyday activities!

"He is able to read and understand grocery ads."

"She is better at shopping and reading labels."

"As a tutor, I have found it very satisfying to watch her steadily improve, especially when she talks about being able to read to her daughter."

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