Internet Sign-up Policy

  1. You must have a valid Stanislaus County Library Card to use an Internet or scanner station. For certain exceptions, guest passes may be issued.
  2. You must sign up in person. The PC Reservation System assigns the first available computer at the time the user signs up.
  3. You may use the computer up to 120 minutes a day. The individual signing up must be the one using the computer.
  4. No more than two people may sit at a computer in the Internet area. Only one user and two observers allowed at a children’s computer at one time.
  5. To use the adult Internet stations, customers aged 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian with proper identification. The parent or guardian must remain at the computer with the child to monitor use. Children's Internet stations are reserved for children ages 4-12. Children aged 4-7 must have an adult with them at the computer at all times.
  6. Customers who use the scanner station (available at the Modesto Library only) can e-mail their scanned text or images, or save them as a Word or pdf document or as an image, but cannot access the Internet or Microsoft Word.
  7. Computers are automatically turned off before the library closes.
  8. Be on time. Please be aware that the reservation system gives you only a 5-minute sign-in period. If you are more than 5 minutes late, your reservation is cancelled. If you are not able to keep your reservation, you should cancel it in the system.
  9. Computer users will be charged ten cents a page after the first two pages each day; all print jobs sent to the color printer cost twenty-five cents for each page. Please view your document under ‘print preview’ to make sure you are sending exactly what you need to the printer. No free prints are available for the scanner. Black and white prints are ten cents per page; color prints are twenty-five cents per page.
  10. Stanislaus County Internet and scanner stations accept computer disks and flash drives. Computer disks and flash drives are available for a fee.
  11. Users must perform their own searches, though staff may provide minimal assistance.
  12. Only computer equipment and software owned and previously installed by the Stanislaus Library may be used on library computers. Adding, deleting or modifying installed hardware or software is not permitted. No personal files will be saved on the hard drive.
  13. In the event of an equipment or power failure, Library staff will work with you to reschedule a time and/or offer alternative sources for information. The Library is not responsible for any damage or loss of data arising from the use of equipment, programs or other library materials.

Date developed: August 2004
Dates revised: March 2009, January 2010